Welcome to Orchios

March 2006 saw the start of construction on the new Phalaenopsis nursery at Vlietweg 22c in Naaldwijk. The nursery is equipped with the latest in technology to assure top quality production. The company specialises exclusively in the 15cm pot size. Anthura supply us with virtually 80% of our assortment. We hope that we have found an equal partner in them and one who will meet all our requirements. We


80% of the assortment consists of large flowered, white plants with a length of 80 cm and more. The remaining 20% is made up of different varieties and colours. Our main product is Nassau (this accounts for 50% of the total number of plants in our nursery). The main characteristics of this plant are its white flowers and the frequent production of two stems, which are often strongly branching. Together with some progressive breeders, we regularly tests new cultivars in our nursery and a number of promising varieties are soon expected to be ready for market. We hope this strategy will assure our position in the market.